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Twilight Comics Store Credit Policy
For comics or Magic cards traded in or prizes paid out in store credit:

You cannot use store credit on discounted items, items on hold, special
orders, service/entry fees, gift cards, or consignment items. If you wish to
use your trade-ins toward any of these categories, we can offer you 50%
of the trade value as a Twilight Comics gift card instead. Gift cards have
no restrictions.

Twilight Comics reserves the right to limit items taken using store credit.
Discounted Items:

Any item (or group of items) that has been marked down from its original price or SRP.

This includes Magic booster boxes. If you wish to use store credit toward a Magic
booster box, you may buy 36 booster packs at the regular retail price.

This also includes any sale items, bundled items (like comics reader bundles),
or clearance items.
Items on hold:

In the past, we've had problems with players having us hold cards until the end of
events in the hope of using prizes to pay for them. Some of those players, after not
winning enough to cover the cards held, decided not to get the cards. This kept those
cards out of the hands of other players (who could have paid for them earlier in the
evening). This unfair practice is the main reason we had to add this category to our
Special orders:

Special orders are items that we don't carry in the store, or are out of stock at the time.
When we receive special orders, we have to pay for the items with cash that would normally go toward items that we do carry, (unless the customer pays for the item up front). Store credit is not a form of payment we can use to get special orders from our distributors and, therefore, cannot be used toward special orders you may wish to make.
Consignment items:

By definition, consignment items are items that do not belong to us. They are items that
we are selling for others.
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